We are in the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Enegineering, Faculty of Engineering Science of Kansai University. Our mission is to produce new networking protocols and applications in the broad area of wireless communications, with particular focus on wireless sensor networks, mobile sensing, and next-generation Wi-Fi. Our lab. consists of 1 Ph.D, 9 Master, and 9 undergraduate students, led by Dr. Hiroyuki Yomo.


  • Homepage Renewed!! (May 2022)

    We will continue to update our research/lab. activities!
  • Welcome! New Bachelor Students! (April 2022)

    We welcomed 9 new undergraduate students in our lab.!
  • Graduation Ceremony for Master Students (22 March 2022)

    4 Master students graduated from our lab.!
    Good luck for the next career!!
  • Graduation Ceremony for Bachelor Students! (19 March 2022)

    7 Bachelor students graduated from our lab.!
    5 of them will contiune to our Master course while 2 students will start new career. Good luck to all!


Bldg. 3, Area 4
Faculty of Engineering Science
3-3-35, Yamate-cho, Suita
564-8680, Osaka, Japan
The detailed map can be found here.